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Foster for ARRF
Foster Homes are the true backbone of this rescue because without them, there would be no place to rehabilitate the wonderful rotties we all love so much. Fostering a rottweiler can be a challenge at times but the rewards are infinit. Even after your first foster has moved on to its forever family, it will eternally remain in your heart. But be careful!! Fostering can be addictive. The knowledge that you saved a dog from a bleak future and provided the time, patience and guidance it needed to be a cherished family member is second to none and you will likely find yourself asking for your next foster as soon as you know your current one has found its forever family.

Click to Read a sweet poem from a Foster dog to Foster Parent

ARRF has been asked why we don't offer more dogs for adoption at one time. The answer is simple, we believe in "quality" not quantity. Our fosters must pass temperament testing and have no bite history. As a rescue, we have the obligation to our breed to help educate a generally uninformed public about how Absolutely Wonderful Rottweilers are. We do this in many ways but there are two major factors:
1. ARRF has a stringent Intake Policy. We evaluate every single dog prior to accepting them into our program. We truly wish we could save every dog but we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the breed. To be successful in this goal, we can not and will not accept aggressive dogs or dogs that have a bite history.

2. ARRF has designed a unique foster training program that strives to prepare and support our foster homes from the day you sign up until the last dog is saved. The foster training program is tiered for success as follows:

Foster Apprentice - Once your application has been received and approved, a Foster Mentor will be assigned to begin training you on what to expect and working with their foster dog to allow for hands on training. We feel this training period is essential to making your first foster experience a good one for you and the rotties. Your mentor will be available for you to ask questions and advice even after you begin fostering.

Foster Parent - Once you have completed your initial training, we will begin searching for a rottie that will fit into your household. This may take time but please let us find the right dog for you to train. Once we have found your foster rottie, you will be responsible for basic obedience, housebreaking and general good manners as well as a weekly status update. We find that most of our fosters take such pride in their rotties that they tend to do more than the minimum. Thats Great! Any way that improves the rotties quality of life and represents the breed is an undeniable contribution but only the basics are required.

Foster Mentor - As a foster parent, you will attend training classes with your rottie that ARRF has arranged with local trainers. Over time, you will learn successful techniques to correct behaviors, how to identify medical concerns and many other important aspects of rehabilitation. Once you have attained this type of knowledge, you will be asked if you would be interested in mentoring. This is completely up to you. If you choose to become a mentor, you will work with apprentices and help them learn the same types of things you were taught many moons ago and make yourself available for questions the new foster may have.

We feel that this tiered program minimizes stress on foster parents and foster dogs, provides standardized care for each rescue dog which ensures a consistent adoptable rottie and offers our fosters continuing education.

Ready to Foster?

Step 1: Fill out a Foster Application Today! Please Register or Login and then click on Forms/Apps. **You must be registered and logged in to access the application. Once you update your contact information, the foster application will open.** If you are unable to access the online form, please email foster@arrfnc.com Once you have completed the application, submit the online form. Incomplete Applications WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

Step 2 : ARRF will contact you and confirm we have received your application (please email us at arrf@arrfnc.com if you have not gotten a response within 72 hours)

Step 3 : ARRF will review your application and confirm the information provided. This can take a week or longer depending on how quickly we receive responses.

Step 4 : ARRF will contact you to schedule a home visit. Home visits allow us to get to know you, prepare you for your foster and answer any questions you may have.

Step 5 : ARRF will complete a final review and contact you with a decision. Upon approval, ARRF will arrange for you to meet your mentor and get started!!

We are dedicated to saving as many lives as we can and understand that the faster this process is completed, the faster we can take in another dog. Please be sure to provide us complete, detailed information and all contact information to minimize delays.

If you would like more information, please contact us at: foster@arrfnc.com

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