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 Flower Face

My Name Is Flower

There I sat, On the cold damp porch in a metal crate. 14 weeks old, alone and abandoned.  Animal Control came and picked me up and took me away in a big truck.  Everyone at this place called a shelter carried me around saying how cute I was, I was so terrified though, I wanted them to just leave me alone and let me crawl into the back of my crate and die.  I didn't feel well, they kept poking me with needles, telling me these shots would make me feel better.  After a week, they told me a lady was coming to get me, she had a rescue and she would help me, they said I had no light left in my eyes.


The next day, a lady named Suzi came and said it would all be o.k., and she loaded me and 3 other big Rottweilers into her van and we drove away.  Suzi noticed right away how sick I was, she kept taking me to the vet for bladder infections and fever and I had no appetite, I only weighed 12lbs.  After 3 weeks, Suzi was concerned that I was getting worse, she tried all kinds of medicines, and after another 2 weeks, Suzi asked if they would do exploratory surgery on me.  I was so little and sick, I didn't even know how to play with a toy.


The next morning I had surgery, they discovered that someone had impaled me with a 7" Willow Branch.  It had punctured the lining of my stomach, it had punctured a hole in my inner leg, and was now pushing on my bladder that if they had not removed it when they did, I probably would have died.  I also suffered from wood poisoning from the stick.


A couple of months after that surgery, as I was recovering and gaining weight and growing, the Doctors discovered that I needed to have hip surgery on both of my hips, they were not growing right and I would never have a normal life.  Through donations raised and the balance paid by Flowers new Daddy, Flower received her new hips and now for the first time in her life, she is living the life she always deserved. 


Flower had her growth stunted by all of this, she is the smallest Rottweiler, standing at 17" to her shoulder and weighing on 55lbs.  What Flower lacks in size she makes up for in heart and will to survive !

***********Update on Flower - December 2010 ***************

Flower has passed all of her obedience training classes and has become a service dog.  She received her Service dog credentials and is now fully licensed to be dressed and go anywhere as a fully accredited service dog.




This poem was written by Rosemary Propes, dedicated to Flower


My name is Flower and here is my story


I am a good little pup as far as I know

I can wiggle my nub and crinkle my nose

My eyes are so brown and so sweet to see

So why would a human do those awful things to me?


I was so scared and so all alone

When low and behold a kind human rescued me and took me to my new home!


My new Daddy is so good to me

He takes me for walks and doesn’t yell at me

We ride in the car with the top down

I can see everything for miles around


Our first Christmas together was so special for me

My Daddy took me to Florida to meet the rest of the family

Uncle Chip was there Grandma and Aunt Alison too

One look from me and they were hooked too!


You should see our nice condo in the heart of uptown

Lots of parks to walk in and tons of fun things around

I wish all scared puppies could have my Dad

He saved my life, and for that I am glad!

I will love him forever; because of him I am no longer sad

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