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The Romeo Foundation



The Romeo Foundations was created for Romeo who was hit by a car when he was 12 weeks old and left in a ditch for 3 days until his owners finally brought him to the veternarian's office. He was diagnosed with a broken back and was completely paralyzed in the rear. His owners wanted him euthanized. The Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue Foundation was there that day and had the owners sign over ownership of Romeo and took thim into their program.


Romeo was young enough, that he could be fitted for a set of wheels and grow up in a wheelchair, never knowing that he is different than any other dogs. Romeo does not know that dogs do not have wheels instead of legs. He is extremely happy and well adjusted. There are very few things that Romeo cannot do. He lives a normal life just like a normal dog. Do not feel sorry for him, as he is happy and does not know he is any different. He runs, plays, gets belly rubs, all the things your own dogs do every day. Romeo gets out in public, going to events and schools, making as many appearances as possible, educating people that what was once considered a throw away dog, is now a wonderful pet! Other than that he needs wheels to get around, there is nothing wrong with him.

 The foundation has been set up to help other dogs like Romeo. A lot of times people have a dog that gets older and ends up needing a wheelchair or a ramp, sometimes they develop cancer and need to have a limb removed and need a very specific prosthetic made, or a set of wheels for the front or rear, harnesses that have straps around the shoulders and around the mid section for easy access in assisting a pet up. These items can become very costly. The foundation has made connections with a lot of these manufacturers who are willing to work with our rescue organization at discounted rates. The foundation will loan out the equipment under contract for a pet to use, with a donation to the foundation, and when the pet no longer needs the equipment will return it to the foundation.


We initially need to buy the used equipment so we have products to offer. So far we have had a veterinarian’s office donate a ramp and a harness with two lifts. In order for the foundation to be able to have equipment to offer and to be able to help other pets such as Romeo, we survive on donations. If you would like to help us to be able to help other dogs in need, you can make a donation to the foundation to help. Romeo recently received a new set of wheels through the Romeo Foundation as Romeo must raise his own money when he needs things as he belongs to the ARRF rescue. He was not able to donate his wheels to the foundation as his wheels were in such bad shape and broken in so many places that they would not have been of any help to anyones pet.


The Foundation is a one of a kind as there are no other places that offer similar services. Others only send you the names of wheelchair companies or names of people who have a used piece of equipment. This is a one of a kind service, where we have done the leg work, we will have the equipment, and if we don’t have what you require we will host a fund raiser to help you get it. We offer on line email support for people that need our help, success stories + a way to make online donations. If you are interested in helping, you can go to ARRF’s homepage and donate through paypal, or you can mail a check to The Romeo Foundation C/O ARRF 1464 Brawley School Rd Mooresville, NC 28117. All donations are tax deductable as we are a 501c3 not for profit foundation.




 Protective Pet Boots for Dogs






 A convenient way to protect bandages and other leg injuries. The vet-approved device protects wounds. splints. bandages amd casts as well as amputations and sutures from the outdoor elements and from the dreadful licking and chewing that can damage even further. Indicated for surgeries, fractures, amputations, granulomas, decubits and many other applications. Note that these boots are designed for light duty and are not for animals that drag their legs. Dragging will cause these boots to wear and tear. Ease of use facilitates compliance resulting in fewer rewraps and complications from wet bandages.

     Rear Wheel Carts



Front Wheel Carts


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Quad Carts


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