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Kodiak Profile

HI, My name is Kodiak. I am legally blind. No I don't need a seeing eye dog but I do however need a seeing eye family!  Heres my story and what a story it is.  I was a registered AKC dog used for breeding, I had a scuffle with a racoon and the racoon tore out my eyes, I did however kill the racoon.  The racoon tested negative for rabies, which is a good thing for me.  My owners had no more use for me as they thought people would think my eyes could be a genetic defect, they gave me away to a man who said he liked Rottweilers, well it turned out he was a hoarder.  Animal Control raided his house and seized all of the Rottweilers at his house, including me, there were over 80 of us there. The agressive ones were put down and all of us sweet guys were put up for adoption, unfortunately everyone but me got a home so thank goodness the rescue came and got me.

I am very very sweet, gave the nice transport ladies kisses when they came to get me.  I rode really well in the car and when I got to the rescue my favorite part was getting a bath.  Boy that felt good.  I am very friendly with the other dogs and I even like cats.  So far everyone is in love with me and I love everyone.  i am so sweet how could they not love me ??

I am going to the vet to have my eyes looked at, I am on antibiotices for the infections I came in with from the shelter and hopefully the surgeon will be able to shut my eyes permanently so I will no longer get infections and it will make me look even more handsome. Will keep you posted on what the surgeon says.

***Update on Kodiak***
Kodiak amazes me everyday, within 48 hours he learned how to use the stairs and now goes up and down the stairs and in and out of the kennel all on his own.  He knows where everything in the yard is, he walks right up to the fence and walks around the perimeter of the fence, walks around the pool, and never falls in, he knows where every tree is.  He has made friends with every dog in the kennel, he comes into the kennel all on his own and then walks over to all of the crates and gives kisses to all of the little dogs thru the crates with his nubby wagging and wiggling a mile a minute.  He knows where his crate is, and has never had an accident in his crate.  He is awesome !!!
**Update On Kodiak** 11/29/2010
 “Thank you so much to all who have shown care and concern for Kodiak!  All questions about Kodiak’s health have been answered.  Kodiak has been adopted by someone who is diligently taking care of his needs.  Your contributions to ARRF are always tax deductible.  Please contact ARRF to obtain any additional information."

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Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids

Special Needs: I went to the eye specialist today, he said that a wild animal quite possibly a racoon did do this to me, his sharp nails poked out my eyes. I have ointments for the infections and eye wash and saline to keep them clean and this has to be done 3 X's a day til the infection is gone. Once the infection is gone, they will put me under anesthesia and hold open my eyes with hooks to see what is behind the rest of the parts of my eyes that are left and determine if there is infection, if there is they will have to remove the remaining parts of my eyes, this will cost approx $1,000.00 per eye and then they will permanently close my eyes. For the time being because the first layer of my eye, the seeing parts are gone, he said there is no feeling left, so I am in no pain. I really loved my dr. I gave him lots of kisses and even rolled over on my back for a belly rub. I will keep you all posted on my condition, mommy already explained to me that the rescue does not have this kind of money to help me that she depends on great people to make donations to help with things like this so I hope you all are reading this and will want to help me if I do need the surgery. Thank you, Kodiak.


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