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  Donation Information
Donations are the foundation of successful animal rescue. The costs to save a dog are often staggering and each volunteer can only donate so much.

Donations are Tax Deductible!


This weight circle could help save a dogs life !
How It Works:

Every time you buy Purina dog or cat food, you can clip "Weight Circles" (see an example at the right) from the bag, can or box, and send them to ARRF. We'll redeem them for rebate checks good for future purchases of Purina dog foods, and / or a check made payable to our veterinarian for much needed healthcare for our fostered rottweilers. So, every time your dog or cat eats, you can help ARRF feed and rehabilitate homeless Rottweilers! You'd be amazed at how many dog and cat foods are from Purina (e.g., Alpo, Fancy Feast). If you don't know if yours is, visit Purina online for a list of foods.

How The Public Can Help:

If you feed your pets Purina products, This is what you can do to help:


Clip your weight circle from the bag of food, or the can of food and place it in an envelope to ARRF, 1464 Brawley School rd., Mooresville, NC 28117


We collect the weight circles for points and when we have enough points we can then redeem them for medical care from our local veterinarian.

A huge item we are in desperate need for is a microchip scanner.  It must be a universal scanner that reads ALL Microchips, Avid, Home Again,24hr pet watch, ISO.  These scanners are normally put out by bayer and run approx $320.00. Sometimes a Universal scanner can be found on ebay for less but it must have the ability to read ALL microchips.

We are in desperate need of crate donations, ranging in size from Medium to Large to X-tra large, they can be the Plastic with the latching doors or the metal with two latches on the doors.

Last but not least, we are in need of newspapers, blankets, toys, treats, chew bones, food, collars and leashes.  Please note, any donation no matter how big or small is always tax deductable. as we are a 501c3 not for profit rescue.

Some of our donators :



www.sitstay.com  for donating toys, chew bones and agility equipment

Visit SitStay.com


"4" Paws Pet Salon for donating kennel space for the foster dogs and grooming the foster dogs.


Tile setters of Raleigh for donating tile and grout for the kennel floors.


PETCO and PETCO.COM  for donating $1500.00 in merchandise to ARRF.


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Thank you to all of our generous supporters!  We could not do what we do without you.

Thank you 1-800-PetMeds for you generous donation! Please visitPetmeds 
for all you pet health needs!

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