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Romeo is ARRF'S PitBull, he came to our rescue when he was 12 weeks old, he was hit by a car and his owners left him in a ditch for 3 days before seeking medical attention.  They brought him to Lake Norman Animal Hospital, which is the animal hospital our rescue uses, I happened to be there having surgery done on one of our Rottweilers.  the people called at 10:00 in the morning stating their puppy had been hit by a car and they needed to bring him in to get him euthanized.  I spent that day at the vets, waiting for my Rottweiler to come out of surgery, when at 4:15 in the afternoon, I saw one of the vet techs come by with the cutest pit bull puppy, and his legs were just hanging there, paralyzed.  I asked her, is this the puppy the people called about at 10:00 this morning?  She said yes, but don't get upset, because he has been laying in a ditch for 3 days.  I was livid, I asked her what room they were in, I demanded they sign ownership of him over to my rescue, they wanted to know what I was going to do with him, I advised them certainly NOT euthanize him, he is a puppy.  they asked if they signed him over would they still be responsible for his vet bill?  I told them to get out.


We put Romeo in a set of wheels and taught him how to use them and Romeo has been mobile ever since..  Romeo is now 21/2 years old and needs a new set of wheels.  He has bald tires on his wheels because he has put a ton of mileage on his, and his wheels broke because he has scoliosis.  Rome's new wheels will be contoured to him. they will fit for his scoliosis and have big nobby tires for all of his miles he travels.


Romeo has become a true Ambassador for his breed.  he goes to Elementary schools and teaches the children that just because you have a disability, you should not be treated any different, and you can still do all of the things you want to do, disabilities do not hold you back.  he also teaches the Children and the teachers and the parents that Pit Bulls are not everything you hear and read about in the media.  Romeo also shows pet owners that just because something happens to your dog, you do not have to euthanize them, you can get some wheels and keep on going.  Please help Romeo to get a new set of wheels and keep him mobile and on his mission to help educate the children and the public.  A new set of wheels is $675.00


Please feel free to donate via


to donations@arrfnc.com
You can be a part of rottweiler rehabilitation! There will always be a Rottweiler in need of rescue and that is what we are here for. Veterinary Care is the single largest cost for ARRF and we need your help. If you are not able to Volunteer or Foster, maybe a Sponsorship would suit you better.

Please take a second to browse our Rottweilers. Any dog available for Adoption or Sponsorship could use your help. No denomination is too small!! If you want to pledge $5.00 a month, we welcome it! Please feel free to email us at sponsor@arrfnc.com with any questions.

Individual sponsors will be recognized on the sponsored Rottweiler  page unless requested otherwise. In addition to being mentioned on the sponsored Rottweiler  page, corporate sponsors will be recognized on the Donation info link on the left and may provide logo's and/or link backs to their business.

All sponsors will receive a monthly email and updated picture of their sponsored rotties.

All Sponsorship Donations are Tax Deductible!

Please email us at sponsor@arrfnc.com if you are interested in sponsoring or if you have questions.

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