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RIP to one of our very special alumni, Skylar.  Click to read her story.


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Mooresville, NC
Meet The ARRF Mascot 

"The Dodging Badger"


Badger.....He has some pretty big shoes (paws) to fill. Dodger passed away and left a spiraling trail of heartache behind. ARRF now has a new Mascot, not to replace what they always had, but to refresh and rebuild and start again. Badger is an Air sign just as Dodger was, he is very sweet and laid back, loves everyone he meets. He has started obedience school and will be ARRF's second Mascot to enter into competition, Therapy, and hopefully end up as our new Service Dog. These are huge Paws to fill but we feel Badg
er is the right boy for the job.  Stay tuned as we will keep you posted on Badgers journey.

New ARRF Logo

"The Artful Dodger" 

6/9/07 - 11/20/14
Rest in Peace.
You were my Best Friend

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