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RIP to one of our very special alumni, Skylar.  Click to read her story.


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Mooresville, NC
In Loving Memory Of Skylar



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My name is Skylar.........

I was about 18 months old when my mom realized I was way too much of a handful and certainly not a houspet. I had a little incident with the neighbors yorkie and mom had decided before she would be run out of the neighborhood because of me she should probably turn me over to a rescue. With that this man named David came and picked me up and before I knew what was happening, there I was, homeless, up for adoption and in a rescue. This nice lady Suzi was taking care of me but boy she said I was a handful.  knocked her down a couple of times and dragged her across the building and through the yard and parking lot, I was just a lot of dog. One day Suzi told me a man named Neal Goodman was coming to meet me and he was a police officer and if I was a good girl, he might take me home with him that he would have a job for me and that I could be a police officer too. I met Neal and he threw the ball for me and I brought it back and I loved him, I loved him at first sight. He spoke to me in a language I understood, I think he loved me too though, and we bonded as soon as we met. I went home with Neal that day.


I went through lots of training and became a Rowan County K9 and Neals Partner. We spent every day together. I cought some bad guys doing bad things, I made Neal proud. Neal put my name on the Police car and I loved to ride in it. Neal and Skylar are a great team and inseperable pair.


On March 25, 2015 Skylar was diagnosed with Bone cancer in her right rear leg.

On March 29, 2015 @ 21:00 hrs Skylar RCSO K9 was laid to rest.

Skylar can rest easy now. She did her job, and she did it well. She protected Neal and kept him safe. She helped keep some of the bad guys off the streets. She was a great K9 and a beautiful girl who will be terribly missed, she always made Neal proud.


Skylar will wait for Neal at the Rainbow Bridge where she will see him again one day.

Thank you for your service Skylar.