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Resources to Help A Lost Dog Find Its Way Home

It is a truely horrible feeling to not know where your best friend is. As a rule, you always want to contact your local Animal Controls, Shelters and Humane Society's immediately. If none of them think they have your dog, GO CHECK FOR YOURSELF! Many times a simple case of miscommunication could make the difference between finding your pal and not! We also recommend making up a few flyers before you head to the shelters so you can ask if you are allowed to post a "missing" flyer. Post that flyer everywhere!! Local vets, pet stores, banks, grocery stores, etc. Anywhere that will let you.

If you lost a Kitty, Click Here for Feline Specific Advice!

There are numerous sites dedicated to helping you get your pal back safe and sound if you aren't successful with the above suggestions:

 Lost Dog Search

Dog Find

Flealess Market

Hugs for Homeless Animals

Internet Lost and Found

Lost Paws

Missing Pet Partnership

NC Missing Pets Network

Pet Rescue.Com


Pets 911

Sherlock Bones

Dog Detective

Fido Finder

Terrific Pets

Adopt Homeless - Lost, Stolen and Found Pet Ads 

Animal Communicator, Pet Psychic - Pet Theft Legislation Campaign (1997)

Authentic Military Dog Tags as Pet ID Tags - Lost and Stolen Pets Resources on the web - FOUND PETS! HOME PAGE - Pet Theft Campaign 

Francis's Dog House - Lost/Stolen Pet Resources

Google Directory - Recreation > Pets > Lost and Found - Free Dog Registry -Anywhere in North America 

Last Chance for Animals - Stolen Pets 

Lost - mission to centralize lost and found animals 

Missing - Your Guide to Lost and Found Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets

Missing - Directory by State and Country 

National Dog Registry - Recovery System for all species of Animals 

National Pet Recovery-Advice on finding missing pets - Lost Pet Recovery System 

Pets911: Local searches for your shelters, humanes and rescues - connecting Ohio shelters, humane and rescue groups - International Internet resources 

Pets Missing In Action - Registery of lost and found pets - Pet Lost and Found Information 

Email system for lost & found dog updates