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RIP to one of our very special alumni, Skylar.  Click to read her story.


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Mooresville, NC
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Dodger when he came home


Dodger goes to work

Dodger just had breakfast

Dodger at work

Dodger at work

Dodgers first Big roadtrip

I can't stay awake

Aint I a stinker?

I Love to go Bye-Bye

Dodger and David

C'mon Howie, wanna Play ?

Dodger walking Howie

I love to ride, weee

Dodgers first swim class

Dodger sleeps on the grooming table

Dodgers growing

Dodgers Bath Day

Dirty Dodger

Dodger and the vacuum Cleaner

Dodger and the Vacuum

Dodger's safe place

Dodger's a Fireman for Halloween

Dodger learns to swim

Dodger's Pool Pals

Dodger turns 1

Dodger's 1 year old

Dodger starts Schutzhund training

Dodger in training

Dodger loving Schutzhund !

Dodger learning Protection work

Dodger loves school

School Dayz

Gotta learn to protect !!

WooHoo Look at me flying

Gosh I love this stuff

Mommy !!!!

Gorgeous !!

Aint I a Stud ??

This stuff is NOT for the weak

I love you Mommy !!

Practicing Obedience

Just plain handsome !!

I am the Arnold Scwartzenegger of Rottweilers

I love sidewalk cafe's

I love car rides, we ride like we are in a bus!

St Patty Day 2010

I love a parade

too bad it's only once a year

schutzhund marcg 6 2010

training march 2010

training march 2010

Dodger, the trojan Rottweiler

Dodger goes on Vacation

Dodgers vacation

Dodgers vacation


Dodger on vacation

Trial Time

trial time

Trial time

Trial Time

Trial Time

Trial Time

The St Pattys Day Parade Junkie

Dodgy Von Santa

Food truck

Dodger and Maverick

baseball game


st pattys day parade 2014